How to start a handmade business, a free course by maker and creative coach Kelly Barth

How to Start a Handmade Business Lesson 1

What to sell, and who to sell it to

Hello friend! You’ve arrived at the first lesson in a free course about how to start a handmade business on Etsy and Shopify. In this course we’ll cover everything you need to know to plan, build, and grow your craft business online.

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How to start a handmade business video lesson:

Find your audience

Who are you perfect people? When considering your audience you should lay out their demographic information, and a short description of their interests and daily activities. Consider what they need, and what their typical challenges are. Once you’ve outlined these core areas, consider what opportunities you have as a maker to fill their needs and solve their challenges. Don’t forget to give your person a name! When you make your ideal customer feel real, it will be easier to serve her with your product offering, and with your marketing efforts.

When you find the right people, they’ll be willing to pay what you’re worth for all the hard work that goes into making your products

What to sell

As a maker, you have the unique ability to solve your perfect customer’s problems and meet her needs. Think about your skills and talents and brainstorm what you can specialize in that will make your idea customer fall in love with you.

Don’t offer EVERYTHING your customer may want – what can you offer that they can’t find anywhere else? What do they like that you can improve on?

How To Start a Handmade Business Part 2

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How to start a handmade business with Kelly Barth

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